3D Visualisation

We use the best open source software like Blender and have wonderful 3D artists.

3D Programming

Using only pure JavaScript and WebGL we achieve extreme optimization of the code.


Our animators can make anything move and move beautifully and naturally.

Some works

Our main project now is MyChat360, so most screenshots are from this one.

  • MyChat360 Visit site
  • Car object
  • Cinema location, just 3800 triangles
  • Mechanism
  • Patio location
  • Image gallery location
  • Penthouse location

About MotionLake

Our mission, our origins, and the sources of our creativity.

MotionLake was founded in 2005 in London. Then we used different technologies, like Flash, Quest3D®, etc. Later we started to use Unity®.

Soon we understood that ALL plugins do not suit very well for our purposes, we wanted the products to run on everything, from desktops to the cheapest mobile phones. And yes, it should have been 3D. So we spent about 9 years experimenting with technologies and came up with our own technology, which is a mixture of pure JavaScript and WebGL. Every day we try to make it even more lightweight and faster. We called it Virtuaris® engine.

Of course the smartphones are becoming faster and faster every day, and maybe in 5 years any complex 3D game will run well on an ordinary smartphone, but the problem is not everyone can afford a modern phone. There are many people who have either a cheap phone or an old one. And there are countries and continents, like Africa and South America, where this is almost the only case.

In 2015 we made MyChat360®, which is based on our Virtuaris® engine and is meant to deliver virtual reality even to the mobile browser. Now this project has become our main one because it is vast and can incorporate everything that we have been working on for many years. We do custom jobs for MyChat360 as well, for example, custom locations or characters. Please contact us for a quote.

Currently MotionLake has 36 artists and programmers working in England, Brazil, Argentina, and Ukraine.

The only 2 programs we use in our work are Blender 3D and Notepad.

If you know 3D and would like to work with us, please contact us, we welcome remote collaboration very much, we really think this is the most liberating way of working together. We have wonderful intranet collaboration tools and it actually never feels that you are overseas.

Contact Form

Please write to us if you have any questions or proposals

Our Address

3rd Floor,
207 Regent Street,
London W1B 3HH.

Phone: +44 (20) 81-33333-9
Mail: info@motionlake.com

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